How do I backup my .pst file from my Microsoft Outlook profile?

To retrieve the .pst file from your computer to backup onto a USB or external Hard-drive, for transferring to another computer, follow the below instructions:
First, search for files on your computer.  Your search should be  for *.pst  

Next, you will see a list or just one '.pst' file.  This is the file where Outlook stores your emails, folders, contacts and calendars.   If you are unsure as to which one it is if you multiple ones, save all of them so that you will have all accounts that were previously setup in Outlook for retrieval on another computer.  Transfer these files to the external storage device, then move then to your new computer.  

Finally, use open Outlook and setup your new e-mail acccount.   After this is completed you can go to File > Open > Outlook Data File.   This should then populate the folder list on the left side showing you your e-mails and contents.


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