Microsoft Office Update Renders Blank E-mails

A Microsoft Outlook update released today for the desktop client introduced bugs that prevent users from creating or viewing mail.From their Twitter: We’re investigating an issue with email message visibility in Outlook. Outlook on the web appears to be ... Read More »

11th May 2021
Working from Home? Simple Way To Securely Connect To Your Office Computer

Recently, we've seen an influx of users that need to work from home, either by choice or by circumstance and many are left wondering how to securely connect to the resources and computer at their office.For Google Chrome users, it couldn't be any easier.   Several years ago, Google developed Chrome Remote Desktop for its users.   In a few ... Read More »

17th Mar 2020
Inet7's Data Loss Protection, Backup Service. Are you covered ?

What does Data Loss Protection mean for Small Businesses? Ransomware, identity theft, state-sponsored attacks, cloud security breaches — being a “secure” small business is a lot more complicated than it used to be. It seems every week there is another attack, breach, or exploit, and with every news release there’s more vocabulary to keep ... Read More »

17th Dec 2019
Changes to Premium Spam Filtering Look & Feel

We are excited to share some improvements you will notice starting next week 11/4 and 11/5.Message Review Notification emails are the replacement for Daily Email Security Reports. Why is the report being replaced? Feedback over the past couple of years has shown you want more capabilities to be available from the Security Report, but because ... Read More »

29th Oct 2019
Dallas Datacenter Final Migration and Retirement

As part of our ongoing effort to provide an optimal environment for hosted services, we will be retiring our hosted location in Dallas, October 1, 2019 and migrate the final set of servers from Dallas to Minneapolis on September 8th.    Time Start: Sunday, September 8th,  9:00pm CSTTime End: Monday, September 9th,  1:00am  CSTDuring this ... Read More »

7th Aug 2019
Network Maintenance - MPS Data Center

IMPORTANT - Network Maintenance Notice - Minneapolis Data Center - Sunday 6/23 As part of our ongoing effort to provide an optimal environment for hosted services, the data center facility in Minneapolis, MN will be upgrading the Cisco border switches that route traffic from the Internet to the internal network. During this time, you may ... Read More »

18th Jun 2019
"You've Been Hacked" E-mail Scam

Don't be fooled this Holiday Season. This not-so-new scam "You've been hacked" is becoming popular following breaches that occurred on websites like LinkedIn and Adobe. They use information leaked about you against you in order to attempt to blackmail you. When in Doubt, change you passwords (at least ... Read More »

19th Sep 2018
VISI/OneNeck Hosting Shuts Down

Getting a lot of phone calls to help VISI/OneNeck IT customers move their websites and hosting to Inet7. Not a lot of time left before VISI shuts down their hosting business on October 1st, but we are scrambling the team to help those left stranded by their old provider.

15th Sep 2018
Google Chrome - Non Secure Sites!

They weren't kidding, it's here. Google Chrome v68 displays any site without SSL as "not secure". Watch this one minute video and contact us today for a discount on your SSL through Inet7. 651-293-0837 or email

31st Jul 2018
Cancelled Data Center Maint.

Cancelled Facility Maintenance - As follow-up to our notice last week, The power maintenance has been cancelled and will be rescheduled by the facility in Dallas. As they promised to us, we will provide an update with the rescheduled maintenance window at a later date with an additional 30 days' notice.

8th Sep 2016