As part of our ongoing effort to provide an optimal environment for hosted services, we will be retiring our hosted location in Dallas, October 1, 2019 and migrate the final set of servers from Dallas to Minneapolis on September 8th.    

Time Start: Sunday, September 8th,  9:00pm CST
Time End: Monday, September 9th,  1:00am  CST

During this window, all services will be unavailable for your server and/or website/email services. 

What we are doing:

We are migrating all services, servers, and IP addresses from the Dallas facility to the main hosting facility at the "511 Building" Datacenter in Minneapolis, MN.   The majority of our footprint is now already in this location and has been for some time.


When are we doing it:

The proposed migration date is Sunday, September 8 at 9pm CST.


What can you expect:

Starting at 9pm CST, hosted services in Dallas will be shut down and inaccessible. At that time we will be migrating the Dallas IP address ranges ( to Minneapolis. We will also be doing a final data sync and will bring the servers online in Minneapolis at the same time.  We anticipate the entire migration to be complete by 1am CST Monday September 9 (4 Hours).


How we are doing it:

Since early June we have been performing server replication from Dallas to Minneapolis using our VEEAM replication software once daily. We have confirmed system integrity by booting and spot checking replicated servers in the Minneapolis data center. One week prior we will increase replication frequency to twice daily. The morning of September 8, we will increase replication to hourly to minimize the amount of changed data to be moved at the time of final migration. At 9pm we will power down the Dallas servers and perform one final replication. At that time the IP addresses will be moved from resolving in Dallas to Minneapolis. When the final replication completes, the replicated servers will be brought online in Minneapolis. We will keep the original servers in Dallas until the hard shutdown date on October 1 in case of any potential issues. There should be no configuration changes required on your end after the migration has completed.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Kenneth R. Taylor - President

Inet7 Internet Services, Inc.


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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