How do I setup my POP3 email in my mail software?

The instructions provided in this document make the assumption that the client workstation is configured with e-mail software such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or similar software. 

1. Open your e-mail software;

2. Navigate to the area for adding an e-mail account;

3. Enter your User information:
     -Username:  enter your full e-mail address (not just the user but the full
     -Password:  Assigned to you by the email administrator
     -Incoming Mail Server: (replace with your own personal domain)
     -Outoing Mail Server: (replace with your own personal domain)

4.  Set your Outgoing Mail Server for "SMTP Authentication"  (Mac and iphone users, this is "password authentication).  Port 587 is recommended as some providers block the use of port 25.

After you save, you should be able to send and receive e-mail with your new e-mail account.


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