Importing your local .pst file to the new Exchange Configuration.

(Please see "Important Note" at the bottom before proceeding)
The following set of instructions takes you through the steps required to migrate data
from your local file set (.pst) to the New Exchange Network:

After you have reconfigured your mail client to connect to Inet7s exchange network, you should:

1. Open Outlook, enter your username and password assigned by Inet7;
2. Select file, import and export;
3. Choose "Import from another program or file";
4. Choose the file type "personal folder file (.pst)" from the list;
5. Highlight your "mailbox- users name" from the list;
6. Click "browse" so you may select a location on your desktop for the export.pst file
created earlier;
7. Click finish;
8. When you are prompted under "Import Personal Folders" dialog box, be sure to
select "include subfolders" and then select "Import items into the current folder";
9. Verify that the drop-down menu shows "Mailbox - Users Mailbox" which should be
the new location configured in outlook for Inet7s Exchange Network;
10. Click Finish;
This will begin the process of moving all the previously archived data to the Live
Exchange Network.
Inet7 also offers a managed data migration service.  Email for more information about this service.

Important Note: This will take some time, do not interrupt the process.  It is important to note that each mailbox is set for specific size limits.  So if your mailbox is larger, you should contact our staff to make sure we lift the restrictions of the mailbox before proceeding.

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