Can I transfer my domain name to Inet7?

Yes you can transfer a domain from another registrar to Inet7.  The fee charged is the equivalent to one year of registration, but this also adds a full year to the registration term already on the domain.   Current fee's are located at:  

In order to transfer the domain name, you must:

1. Ensure the domain is unlocked with your current registrar;
2. Turn off any domain privacy features;
3. Ensure you have access to the domain registrant e-mail address;
4. Send the auth-code to the registrant contact (and SAVE THIS);
5. Place the domain transfer order with Inet7.

Inet7 will initiate the transfer through our registrar. The registrant contact will be notified and asked to acknowledge an email and enter in the Auth-code they previously received from their registrar.  Once this is completed, it will take 5-7 business days for the transfer to complete.

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