How do I change the password for my e-mail account?

Changing your E-Mail Password depends on the service you are utilizing.


POP3 E-mail Users:

Each Website and E-mail hosting package offered by Inet7 includes a control panel.  From this control panel you can perform a variety of tasks including changing your e-mail password.  

*These instructions are only for the account administrator.   If you are not the account administrator, please contact them and ask them to update your e-mail password for you.

You may access your Hosting Service Control Panel by:

  • Logging into
  • Click Services
  • Click on "Active" of any particular service
  • Scroll down to "Open Control Panel"

Once you are in the control panel, there are many features and a fantastic Help Menu at the top which includes access to Video Tutorials for commonly performed tasks.

To change the password for an email address, Click the "Mail" Tab at the top.   Next Click on the actual e-mail account and you will be presented with options to type in a new password or have the built-in secure password generator create one for you.   Click save once you have entered or generated the password.


Cloud Mail Users:   See the article here:


Hosted Exchange Users:  See the article here:


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