How do I report a message as spam?

While the spam filter is able to block the majority of spam sent to a users mailbox, even the very best in filtering technologies can let a few through as the spammers adjust their tecnique to work around the filters.  In the event you receive a spam message to your mailbox, you can report the spam to the spam filtering software one of several ways.

Methods to report spam:

SpamControl webinterface:   A "Report Spam" button is present in the SpamExperts Control Panel. You can upload a spam message on the page to train the anti-spam filter. It is a 'drag 'n' drop' feature, meaning you can save the Spam email to your system, then drag and drop the email into the "Report Spam" area.  You can also directly Upload the email in a .eml or .msg format.

Be Advised: Only emails that have been processed by the cluster you are reporting to are accepted.Currently only the .eml or .msg formats are supported.

Outlook add-on:  For .msg format you can use the free "Outlook Email client add-on" to report spam which was not correctly blocked by our systems.  More information about these can be found here.

MailApp Apple OSX:  If you're using for Apple OSX you can also use the following tool to report spam. More information about this addon can be found here.

Email forward as attachment: If your email client is not supported,  it is possible to report spam by forwarding the spam email(s) as attachment to a special address . All messages attached in .eml or .msg format will be processed by this system. It's also possible to report non spam via the same method using the following address

More details can be found in the Knowledgebase article here.   
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