Getting Started with SiteLock

After you have received your confirmation e-mail from Inet7, you are ready to start securing your website!

To get started, you need to establish your password for the systems.   Do this by:

Next, Login at   Once you accept the terms, Your site will immediately be scanned for:

  • Malware
  • Domain Name Validation Takes Place
  • Spam Scan (black list check to see if your domain is blacklisted anywhere)


You will see a variety of verifications for this service that establish a secure profile for you company.   Going through these will help incease the security status of your company. 

Some key points:

  • Verify your address is correct under the Dashboard icon.  SiteLock verifies you address by mailing you a code via US Mail
  • Verify your address is correct under the "account" area.   This includes your company info which users will see when they click on the Site Seal
  • Verify your phone number is correct.   SiteLock will verify your phone by sending a code.
  • SSL Scan:   Assuming you have an SSL installed on your site (if you do not, contact right away), enter your domain name and schedule a scan.

Install the SiteLock Trust Seal

  • From the Dashboard, you will see a small "shield icon" in the top of the portal.  Click to begin
  • Follow the instructions for each step and integrate the code into your website.


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