I lost my e-mail password

If you have lost your email password, you can do one of the following:

1) Contact your 'Domain Administrator' or the person in charge of creating POP3 email accounts for your hosting package to reset your password for you;

2) Have your 'Domain Administrator' email support@inet7.com from the email address we have listed in our billing system so that we can authenticate them as the account owner and request a particular password be reset;

3) If you are the account owner, you can login to the control panel at http://manage.inet7.com to reset the password.   More info about accessing the email and updating the password can be found here:  http://manage.inet7.com/knowledgebase/33/How-do-I-create-an-E-mail-Address.html

If you are still unable to reset or retrieve your password, call 651-293-0837 ext. 2 to speak to our support department.

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