How do I migrate my wordpress website to Inet7?

Migrating a Wordpress Website from one server to another is easy, but requires some careful actions to go smoothly.  This article assumes that you have access to both your old installation of Wordpress and a Wordpress Hosting Account with Inet7 all ready to go.

You may access your Inet7 Hosting Service Control Panel by:
  • Logging into
  • Click Services
  • Click on "Active" of any particular service
  • Scroll down to "Open Control Panel"

The process to migrate your WordPress website is as follows:

1. You setup the new environment with test URL:

2. Export current Website/WordPress posts and content using setttings>export

3. Import exported .xml file into new Wordpress configuration (may take more than one attempt)

4. Change your Database settings after your import so it recognizes the URL properly as (You can do this using the SQL Admin GUI available from the control panel)

5. Finalize any changes in new WordPress including Theme installations and full site testing all content.

6. Create new email accounts in new Control Panel.

7. Point your main domain ( website and email to new platform.

8. Update the new wordpress install to use the correct URL (so it doesn't rewrite to www2 as the dev config would show.  Again this can be done in the database using the SQL Admin GUI)

As a refernce, instructions to add Wordpress Hosting to your account with Inet7 is easy!  There are two options:

1.  Using Inet7's Application installer:   All the settings necessary to get you started with wordpress in just a few clicks.  Our wordpress application installer will install the latest version of wordpress complete with templates!

  • Click the "Websites & Domains" Tab at the top
  • If you don't already see WordPress under "Featured Applications" on the right, click "Install Applications" under your domain name.  (if you do not see this option, please contact [email protected] to enable those features for your hosting package or upgrade the hosting package from within the Management area.)
  • Once you choose Wordpress, click "install" from the options.
  • you will be asked a few simple questions such as location and default users.

2.  Bring your own:   In this method, you would use the hosting control panel to setup each of the paramters manually.

  • Click on "Websites and Domains" then "databases" to create a new database/user/password
  • Click on FTP Access to create your FTP user for uploading files
  • Upload your files to /httpdocs and proceed with your manual installation.
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