How do I access PhpMyAdmin to manage my database?

Each Website and E-mail hosting package offered by Inet7 includes a control panel.  From this control panel you can perform a variety of tasks including gaining access to management tools for your database.

You may access your Hosting Service Control Panel by:

  • Logging into
  • Click Services
  • Click on "Active" of any particular service
  • Click the control panel link located on the left side of this page

Once you are in the control panel, there are many features and a fantastic Help Menu at the top which includes access to Video Tutorials for commonly performed tasks.

To use PhpMyAdmin:

  • Click the "Websites & Domains" Tab at the top
  • Click "Databases"
  • Click "Web Admin" from the right-hand side of your screen, next to the database you want to manage.

You will automatically be logged into the PhpMyAdmin interface and the database assigned to your site.

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