Searching The Spam Filtering Service Logs

On occassion, a user may wish to search for a message sent to them by a particular user.    The spam filtering solution we have allows you to do just that!

Simply login at with your e-mail account, then select "Logs" under the "Inbound" area.   Enter the criteria and then select "search".
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What is the Cloud E-mail Protection Service?

Our Cloud E-mail Protection service is a Spam & Virus filter for your e-mail.    While this...

Adding / Activating a User Quarantine

While the Cloud E-mail Protection system is set to automatically create a user quarantine based...

Viewing Quarantined E-mail Messages

If you wish to login and view your quarantine live, you can do so by visiting...

Daily Quarantine Digest / Report

Each day at around 6:00am CST, the system will send each user a report of the e-mails Quarantined...

Whitelisting / Blacklisting E-mail Senders

Each user can create and maintain a list of users they wish to either receive e-mail from, or...

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