How Do I Manually Connect Microsoft Outlook to My Hosted Exchange 2016 Server?

Note: We highly recommend using Autodiscover to configure your email clients. Configuring manually can have negative side effects (including loss of Out of Office functionality and other collaboration issues).

Configure Outlook 2016 to connect to your Hosted Exchange account

Enter SRV record in DNS for Autodiscover

Before setting up your individual email clients (Outlook 2010/2011/2013/2016 or Mac Mail), you will need to enter an SRV record for your domain.

Action: Create an SRV record in the external DNS zone that matches the right side of your user’s SMTP addresses. For example, if a user’s primary SMTP address is, the record must be created in the external DNS zone.

1) Remove any Wildcard or CNAME records for the domain.  Any conflicting records can result in certificate warnings or clients to resolve to the wrong Mail Servers.
2) Add the following SRV record in your domains DNS.

Service: _autodiscover
Protocol: _tcp
Port Number: 443
Priority: 0
weight: 0

Please be aware that in order to be able to configure an Out of Office auto-reply, a valid SRV record must be in place.  As well, if you do not have a valid SRV record in place, you may receive a security warning on starting Outlook.

Outlook Settings

Once you've entered your SRV record, be sure you have the latest updates for Outlook.

At the "Add New E-Mail Account" screen, enter the user's full name, email address, and mailbox password. Be sure that the check box for "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" remains unchecked. Click "Next".




Outlook will attempt to automatically configure your email settings. When prompted, enter your Email address as the username and the designated password.Note: This will only work if you have already entered SRV record in DNS. 

At this point your Outlook or other Autodiscover supported email client will query autodiscover.<your domain>. The SRV record will proxy to our Exchange Email servers and pull the configuration file for the specific address entered. All other settings and configuration will be automatically configured and you should see the confirmation screens below.



Click "Finish" to close the "Add new Email account" wizard. Outlook should automatically open after the wizard closes.



Note: We highly recommend you use autodiscover to configure your email clients. Configuring manually can have negative side effects (including loss of Out of Office functionality and other collaboration issues).

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