Generate CSR for IIS 10

To generate a CSR on Windows Server 2016 – IIS 10 & 10.5 perform the following.

Step 1: Generating your CSR:

  1. Choose Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. In the IIS Manager on the left, select your server name.
  3. In the Features pane (the middle pane), double-click the Server Certificates option located under the Security heading.

4.  Click Create Certificate Request.

5.  Specify the require information for each field.Click Next.

    • Common Name: The Fully Qualified Domain Name that the certificate will be issued to and secure. for example or if you are enrolling for a wildcard certficate *
    • Organization: The Registered Organisational Name the certificate belongs to.
    • Organizational Unit: The Department within the Organization.
    • City/locality: The Business registered location (not the actual server location).
    • State/province: The Business registered state or province (Do not abbreviate).
    • Country/region: The two letter ISO country code.


    • IIS 8 & 8.5

6.  Click Next

7.   Under Cryptographic service Provide. leave at default, Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic  Provider.

8.   From the Bit Length drop down select 2048.
IIS 8 & 8.5

9.  Select Next.

10.  Click the box with the 3 periods.

IIS 8 & 8.5

11.  Specify a file name for the certificate request to a location and directory of your choosing.

12.  Click Finish.

Your CSR request has been created from your Server 2016 – IIS 10 & 10.5 system and is ready for you to copy and paste its contents into the enrollment portal.

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