I can't send or receive email, what do I do?

If you are unable to either send or receive email in your email client, there are several troubleshooting techniques available to you before contacting our support department. 

1. Check your Internet Connectivity.  Check your computers internal modem, your DSL or Cable modem for connectivity.  Unplug/plugin your external DSL/Cable modem or network router to restart network connectivity to your computer.  Can you go out to your website or any website?

2. Verify that your information in your email is setup correctly. Check that your incoming and outgoing mail servers match your 'Website Setup Confirmation' message sent to you at the time your account was setup. Check all usernames and passwords are entered correctly in the areas where they are required.  Check to make sure you have SMTP Authentication setup in your email client. (Refer to our SMTP Authentication knowledgebase article on how to set this up.)

3. Write down any timeout or error messages.  If Internet connectivity is not the root of the problem, and you feel everything is setup correctly in your email client, a good starting point for troubleshooting the problem is to identify the error message.  These messages usually give you a good indication as to what the problem is.  You can find out most email error message can be diagnosed through searching for a solution by going out to Google.com, entering your error code or message.  If you are experiencing a server timeout, it is very likely an Antivirus or Antispam tool installed on your computer that is causing the issue.

4. Contact Inet7 Customer Support.  If you have gone through all the steps above and still you haven't found a solution to why you are unable to send or receive email, contact customer support to work directly with a support technician in resolving your email issues. Our office number is 651-293-0837x2

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