Viewing Quarantined E-mail Messages

If you wish to login and view your quarantine live, you can do so by visiting

However mosts users wait for the daily notice.  Each day at around 6:00am CST, the system will send each user a report of the e-mails Quarantined within the previous 24 hour period.   From this e-mail, the user can see the sender, subject line and reason it was quarantined.  Additionally, the user can click next to any message to perform the following tasks:

  • Release:    This will simply release the email from quarntine this one time;
  • Release & Train:   This will release the email from quarantine and train the system so it knows what you consider spam/not spam;
  • Whitelist Sender & Release:   This will not only deliver the email to you, but add the sender to your personal whitelist so future emails from them are not quarantined;
  • Blacklist Sender & Remove:    This button should only be used if it's from a legit user you no longer wish to hear from.  As spammers change the "Sender" address all the time, hitting blacklist on normal spam messages will only create a large list that you will likely not see email from again anyways.

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