How do I Export my local Exchange Mailbox to a .PST file?

This is the first step of instructions that takes you through the process required to migrate data from your existing Exchange network to a local file:

1. Open Outlook, and highlight the Mailbox - First name, Last name found on the left side of your screen (This is above your calendar/contacts/deleted items.)
2. Within Outlook, select File, then Import and Export
3. Choose Export to a file
4. Choose the file type personal folder file (.pst)
5. Highlight your mailbox- first name, last name from the list
6. Check the box below that says Include Sub Folders
7. Click Browse so you may select a location on your desktop for the .pst folder to reside.
8. Name the folder Export
9. Click Finish
10. When you are prompted under Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box, rename the File Name to export.
11. Select No Encryption
12. Click OK

This will move all the contents, calendar, contacts and items of the mailbox to a local .pst folder for later importing to the New Exchange Network.

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